We’re the UK’s largest Glulam stockist. Standard specifications are always in stock. All beams are kept in stock in 15.1 metre lengths; cut, drilled, and finished to your specification.

– If you’re after stock, we should be able to deliver it to you within five working days.

Bespoke beams

We also supply a lot of Glulam that is prepared, drilled, angled, shaped, or cut to a particular specification for specialist needs. No job is too small, too big, or too complicated.
Lead time for customised Glulam tends to be four to six weeks. Please call or email us your enquiry in the first instance.

All of our Glulam is:
• All Glulam products are minimum 70% CATG-PEFC-432.
• C30 standard (in 45mm laminations).
• Laminated from strength-class wood glued with a melamine resorcinol adhesive conforming to whp type 1 (Manufactured from Spruce in accordance with EN 386 / EN 14080), cleaned, and finished to BS 4169: 1988.
• Given Valtti Base wood protection treatment (upon request). All our glued laminated timber is class GL28 and glued structural timber class LK30 (SP Swedish National Testing and Research Institute).
Important: only our most popular stock is outlined in the following tables, we stock up to 32 different beams sizes:

  • Narrow Width (5)
  • 90mm (5)
  • 115mm(9)
  • 140mm (10)
  • 165mm

So if the standard size you’re looking for isn’t detailed here, please call or email us with your enquiry.


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