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What treatment can I use on my Glulam beams?

You can use any preservative. Our stock can be given wood protection treatment (Valtti Base) upon request.

What grade is the timber?

All our timber is C30 standard (in 45mm laminations).

Can I nail or drill the wood?

Yes. Glulam beams don’t lose strength with nailing or drilling (within standard building requirements).

What sort of fire protection should be used?

We recommend Product 92 ES/VFR Fire Protection Coating.

What kind of wood is used in Glulam?

Glulam is made of wood from sustainable Scandinavian forests. The trees are mainly spruce, but also redwood and Siberian larch.

What's the longest beam you have in stock?

All beams are kept in stock in 12 metre lengths; we cut to your specification.

What's the delivery time from order?

Stock is delivered within five working days. Design to non-stock specification, 4-6 weeks. Glulam Ltd is the UK’s largest stockist of Glulam.

How strong is glulam?

Glulam is 18% stronger than standard timber.

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