Our permanent stock

Over 400m3 in stock as section sizes listed below

42mm x 225mm

45mm x 225mm
45mm x 253mm
45mm x 302mm

56mm x 225mm
56mm x 270mm

66mm x 225mm
66mm x 315mm

90mm x 90mm
90mm x 225mm
90mm x 270mm
90mm x 315mm
90mm x 360mm
90mm x 405mm
90mm x 450mm

115mm x 115mm
115mm x 225mm
115mm x 270mm
115mm x 315mm
115mm x 360mm
115mm x 405mm
115mm x 450mm
115mm x 495mm
115mm x 585mm
115mm x 630mm

140mm x 140mm
140mm x 225mm
140mm x 270mm
140mm x 315mm
140mm x 360mm
140mm x 405mm
140mm x 450mm
140mm x 495mm
140mm x 540mm
140mm x 630mm

150mm x 150mm

160mm x 360mm
160mm x 405mm
160mm x 450mm
160mm x 495mm
160mm x 630mm

All Beams up to 140mm x 405mm are 12m

Beams 140mm x 450mm and above are 15m (excluding 150mm x 150mm)